Which Celebrities have a Nandos Black Card?

Which Celebrities have a Nandos Black Card?

Who has a Nandos Black Card?

I bet you are wondering Who Has A Nandos Black Card? It is hard to know for sure but we have a pretty good idea of those lucky few who have one.

Here are the top 10 Nandos Black Card keepers.

1. David Beckham

Britains most popular export, David Beckham has been known to dig into a Nandos, and is rumoured to be a Nandos Black Card keeper.




2. Oprah Winfrey

This is a strange one, but apparently Oprah Winfrey is also an American with a Nandos Black Card. There is only a few over in the US but for some reason, the people with the power over at Nandos believe she deserves one!



3. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Nandos Black Card - NandosBlackCard.com

Stop bragging Ed! Nandos Black Card!

Ed Sheeran famously did a “Nandos Skank” with Example featuring lyrics like “Yo, and we eat chicken for free, coz hes got a black card you see” Here is the video for your enjoyment.

4. Ricky Gervais

Another British icon here, who most probably lives in the states now. It is widely reported that Ricky is also a Nandos Black Card Keeper.

5. JLS

British Pop Sensation JLS have been seen on TV and in the all the gossip mags eating in Nandos regularly, and who wouldn’t want too, if it was free! These guys definately on the Nandos Black Card list.

6. Pixie Lott

The drop-dead gorgeous singer has been seen in Nandos no end of times, and I don’t think the PR over at Nandos would miss out on associating Pixie with Nandos!

Here is a shot of her entering a Nandos for a midnight snack.


7. Tinchy Stryder

Nandos Black Card Keeps Tinchy & Chipmunk

Do you think Tinchy Stryder did this corporate shot for free? I don’t think so! Him and his mate Chipmunk are definately up there on the Nandos Black Card List.

8. Chipmunk

As above, its obivious this teenage british musician is a Nandos Fan, and Nandos wouldn’t let this go unrewarded!

9.  N-Dubz

Tulisa, Fazer & Dappy are not shy when it comes to promoting Nandos. They have been seen inside many times, and mention it often in interview on TV and on Radio. They definitly have Nandos Black Cards.

10. Jay-Z

Jay-Z famously had Nandos Chicken on his rider at the Brit Awards, I don’t think for one minute that Nandos is making Jay-Z pay for it, and by being one of the most famous people in the world automatically gets you a Nandos Black Card at your request!


Know anybody else with a black card? Let us know!


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  1. Niall Horan from One Direction has one! He’s OBSESSED with Nandos!

    • Natalie

      Richard Wisker. He loves Nandos and talks about it 24/7~! Even in his sleep :)

    • I bet most of the One Direction crew have one!

    • YESH!!!!!!!!! I love Niall and One Direction <3 He should be the first one up there! I mean…..just….ahh…that boy and his food! :D

    • Niall Horan,from 1D! He loves Nandos , iknow that because im a MEGA 1D fan,I <3 Zayn


  2. i think you should give Richard Wisker a nandos black card he loves nandos i think you should give him a blackcards :) and if you ever look at richard’s twitter (@RichardWisker4) he’s always tweeting about nando’s or chicken, his fav restaurant is nandos and his fav food is chicken. Give him a nandos blackcard pleasee

  3. Trinity

    Niall Horan

  4. Niall Horan!!
    And probs the rest of1D

  5. Saw Russell Howard the other day and he said he got offered one but didnt want it because he didnt mind paying :)

  6. Little Nix Need One! It’s All They Ever Seem To Eat Or Talk About!

  7. Tsitsi Gwekwerere

    This has left me fuming….. how dare they not give anyone but a-listers a chance to enjoy free food.

    • admin

      Its just the same as paying for advertising, except they use chicken instead of cash!

  8. Mikey

    Keith Lemon was on the Chris Moyles breakfast show this morning and they were saying that they both have them. Keith’s has just ran out though (so there must an expiry date on them) but Chris said he managed to get him another one sorted. That’s another two to add to the list.

  9. hazel

    niall horan from 1d hes got one cos he loves nandos

  10. Clement Marfo also has one

  11. Oli Sykes from BMTH has one.

  12. Example! He sings about in the skank aswell

  13. Cheyanne

    Niall Horan (:

  14. Michelle

    Nialler from 1D has one he is absolutely obsessed with Nandos!

  15. Amaani Ahmed


  16. Cover Drive, A group from Barbados has one.

  17. kitkat

    Example has one he sow it in the the video of then nando’s skank song

  18. Cover Drive have one, they show it on their Weekend Lime on Youtube.

  19. Joey Essex, at least half of his tweets are about Nandos.

  20. Conor Maynard has one:) he tweeted saying it :)

  21. Rachel

    Conor Maynard has one! He said on a live cam!

    • Adam Gemili at 18 years old is fastest man in GB , competing at London 2012 and is a huge Nandos fan! He deserves this card because this athlete will be huge!

  22. Mallory

    Niall from one direction how can you not know that he loves food the whole band loves that place

  23. Niall Horan has just got one. He’s from one direction♥

  24. Nialler is the Best and they are offending him because they have not put him on the list!!! I <3 1D

  25. Roy Cropper

  26. Niall Horan has a black card! He should be no. #1.When Ed Sheeran is listed,why not Niall?

  27. example has one

  28. Vegetarian nando's Hater

    “Get a life…”

  29. Niall Horan from One Direction has always loved Nandos, he said if he could live anywhere it would be there. He also said that if he had enough money he would buy it and call it Nialldos lol. They even wished him on twitter on his birthday

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