What Is A Nandos Black Card?

What Is A Nandos Black Card?

What Is A Nandos Black Card?

Nandos Black Card is possibly the most coveted possession in the restaurant world. Some people may question its very existence, others dream that they may one day own a Nandos Black Card. We believe it does exist and have dedicated this entire website to helping the many super-fans of Nandos learn everything they need to know about the Nandos Black Card.

The Nandos Black Card rumours started many years ago when Nandos became a Celebrity favourite. Offering the most delicious chicken in the land, Nandos had become a huge part of Celebrity Culture. Not long after this did rumours start to spread of a magical chicken passport, granting the owner UNLIMITED FREE NANDOS for themselves and up to five friends!

The “Nandos High Five” card or “Nandos Black Card” as it has begun to be known is the golden ticket of the delicious food world. I do not know one person on this earth who would not want to posses it (and those who don’t I don’t wish to know!).

We have one picture we have found, which may or may not be genuine, but it looks pretty genuine to us. Behold, the Nandos High Five (Nandos Black Card)!

Nandos Black Card - NandosBlackCard.com

It has changed since this design as we have seen Ed Sheeran himself bragging with his Nandos Black Card.

Ed Sheeran Nando Black Card NandosBlackCard.com

New Design Card

I think it is pretty safe to assume that they do exist, and that they are circulating all around us. The question is, how the hell do we all get a Nandos Black Card? Well stay tuned on the website for all the latest information on how me and you can be in the Nandos High Club with all the other Nandos Champions! It may be a case of writing a number one song, or starring in a movie. I may just have to steal Ed Sheeran’s!

Read more about Nandos here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nando’s


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  1. Apparantly a certain Niall Horan has a nandos black card.

  2. Joshwa

    It’s ridiculous giving them to celebrities because they could already afford all the Nandos they could ever want and most of them I reckon would never use them anyway. It’s a publicity trick. If you could buy one< I would and I'd go for a Nandos five times a week for my post gym meal… I can't think of anything better. :D

  3. grraceyy

    OMFG i want dis soo bad all my fav singers have dem :0 ONE DIRECTION HAVE THEM ED SHEERAN HAS ONE AND EXAMPLE HAS ONE!!!!!

  4. Jordan

    How good is Nando’s exactly?

  5. not going to lie, i have a plastic card printer, i shall be making myself one of these badboys


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