How Much Is A Nandos Black Card Worth?

How Much Is A Nandos Black Card Worth?

How Much Is A Nandos Black Card worth?

Nandos Black Card value? Good question, a one that requires some basic maths. Lets say 6 people order delicious Chicken Pittas and fries seasoned with the heavenly peri-peri seasoning.



And let’s say they each have a drink of their choice, this would on average be around £10-£12 person, so £60-£72 in total.
And although I would obviously go to Nandos 3 times a day, lets say a normal person would go just 3 times per week (hard to believe I know).  That comes to over 11 grand per year, at least. £11,000! A Nandos Black Card is practically a full time job at minimum wage, incredible!

Work out how much it is worth to you, check out the Menu over at Nandos.

But that just goes to show exactly what it is worth to Nandos, they will quite happily give Nandos Black Cards to the right people, if it means publicity. It just takes a few celebrities to mention the words “Nandos Chicken” on the radio while millions of us listen , and our mouths begin to water. It is probably worth alot more to Nandos than it is is to the celebrity who owns it, after all, they can probably afford to eat at Nandos all the time anyway.

Ed Sheeran Nandos Black Card -

Stop bragging Ed! Nandos Black Card!

It’s also about privilege, you know you have made it when you get that special call from the good people over at Nandos. The excitement must be too much to handle when you realise you are being offered a membership to a club only a select few people per year are able to join. And by invitation only, you have become one of the most envied people in the world. A Nandos Black Card is confirmation that you are super-cool, super-famous and super-marketable!

I just hope one day I can join the Nandos Black Card fun and become one of those brilliant, brilliant people!

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  1. Philip Extence

    I eat nandos almost everyday… I love it… Can I please have a black card so I can afford to dress myself instead of spending all my money on nandos! My address is *****, uckfield, east Sussex, ****… I look forward to recieving it! Thanks a bunch nandos!

  2. matthewhaughton

    could i get a nandoes black card if i could how mutch are they.

  3. Jack Lacomba

    im poor and cant afford to go to nandos can i please have a card xxxxx

  4. Sam Dunn

    I am a rich bastard!, I think I deserve a black card because of Nappa

    Your sincerely
    Samuel Dunn
    (A.K.A Nappa’s Mate)

    Thanks Mate


  5. Hi, Could you get back to me on a legitimate way to earn myself a Nandos High Five/Black card? Is their a way for me to earn one by spreading the word of Nandos to everyone?

  6. jamie patterson

    Personally if i had the skill of example and ed sheeran ida done the same for a nandos black card. I think i shud get a black card :) pleaseeeeee help

  7. I love to eat nandos with mr.gibbons

  8. vincent zimba

    I love nandos and I love to eat at nandos.but I cannot aforod to go to nandos can I please have a card Xxx

  9. Tim Hayes

    I don’t want a Nando’s Black Card. I can’t think of anything I would rather not own. I have been to Nando’s once and would never go back. It is rubbish. Seriously dreadful.

    T Hayes
    Professor Of Reverse Psychology (Not Really)
    Or Am I? Is that reverse psychology? Who knows?

  10. Biggus Dickus

    Nandos… Megh…
    Over priced, over rated, self-serve, FULL of chavs.
    Last time I went there was no rice, no ice and no apologies.
    Keep it thanks, I’ll stick with KFC.

  11. Sy-D MC

    Hi i have been a Nandos aholic 4 years and i MC in the DnB industry i am in the processes of writing new lyrics to put with a Dubplate DnB Tune and have been asked by one of your fellow collegues @ Nandos Maidstone to do this in return if you like the quality of the lyrics a BLACK CARD!!! :)

  12. Alex Richardson

    I am the proud owner of a nandos black card, dads friends with jay-z and he managed to get one. Selling for £10,000

  13. Leanne Badham

    how do you get a nandos black card?

  14. I take my work friends and personal friends to Nando’s all the time! And not forgetting my family! Will love to have a chance to win!

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